Start Using Silver Diamine Fluoride in Your Practice to Become a Community Hero and Implement Using the Silicon Valley Bonus System


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With the FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation of Silver Diamine Fluoride, general dentists have never been in a better position to truly help the populations of patients within which the caries rate has been exploding.

Proper understanding of this emerging treatment can not only save teeth without traumatizing young patients, but also gives general dentists the opportunity to become a hero of their local community by helping those who are in most need of help.

The goal of this lecture is to give attending dentists the opportunity to walk away with the knowledge and tools to start using Silver Diamine Fluoride and Atraumatic Restorative Therapy in their practice now.  The goal is also to empower the team to achieve ultimate implementation of this new strategy.

Your team needs three things to make this new therapy or any new strategy or technique a reality in your practice.  They need to know the vision of the doctor.  This becomes a signpost that continually keeps the practice growing in the right direction.  They need a vehicle.  You as the doctor must create a system that allows the proper environment and culture to thrive inside your practice.  Finally, they need validation

This is the continual reminder that they have achieved your objectives and a reward for a job well done.  These 3 Vs are the backbone of every great dental practice today and will almost guarantee success with implementation of SDF or any other system into the practice.

The Silicon Valley System is a revolutionary implementation system that allows the dental team to harness the power of incremental task accomplishment alongside incentivization to get seemingly huge projects finished and working in record time.

We will show how to implement SDF and other major practice enhancements using this system.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand a review of the overwhelming literature that the FDA couldn’t ignore and that will make you question why we weren’t routinely taught this therapy in our dental school curriculum.
  2. Understand Case Selection, Best Materials to use, and Clinical Protocols, so they can start using this therapy as quickly as next week.
  3. Know what a SMART Filling is and how to perform that treatment atraumatically using common inexpensive items you already have in your office.
  4. Be informed of current best practices in coding, documentation, billing, and team implementation strategies in this ever-changing landscape of this ‘new’ therapy.
  5. Begin organizing and tracking the tasks needed to implement SDF ideas and procedures into the practice.

After a 2013 fire made him rethink his purpose, Dr. Chris Griffin is on a mission to help dentists compete in an ever-changing landscape, avoid burnout and enjoy practice again. Finding ways to help his community by giving them options that are ignored by a large portion of the dental profession has become his passion, along with teaching dentists how to incorporate strategies using the medical management of caries model.  Sharing the systems that help dentists implement this and other new strategies is his other mission.  His strategic systems, including the Silicon Valley Bonus System, enable practice breakthroughs and lessen the burdens that cause stress through an easygoing leadership process that energizes teams and takes pressure off the doctor. Teaching other dentists how they can be more effective as leaders and inspire staff excellence without feeling the stress of micromanagement is a true passion for Chris and is the driving force of his message

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